I have been in Therapy with Justine since September 2020 and it has been life changing. It appears there are far more victims of narcissistic abuse than there are therapist who truly understand the disorder. Working with a therapist that not only understands narcissism but also has first hand experience with it makes all the difference. I have gained so many new perspectives, I have a bag of coping tools for dealing with my toxic family and ex partners and we have spent sessions getting to the root of the problem, which has all been very progressive. I love who I am becoming as a result of quality therapy for narcissistic abuse recovery. For the first time I have solid boundaries in my life that I understand and adhere to and I am sure this will guide and protect me now and in my future

I found Justine incredibly helpful, she helped me so much to find and sort myself out, I learnt so much about myself, she is incredibly spiritual, which was particularly helpful to me,I highly recommended Justine. 

Countess Fiona Sanecka Manson

Justine has helped me to heal and rediscover myself after a 15 year marriage with a narcissist. I was consumed by self doubt, distrust, depression and low confidence. Therapy is a worthwhile journey for survivors of narcissistic abuse and I am very happy that I found Justine to assist me on mine. 

I have been in regular therapy with Justine for over a year now and it is remarkable how much my life has changed for the better. Justine has a natural empathic, kind and intuitive nature. She has the unique ability to know what is needed in the moment, which for me can often differ from one session to the next. 


I began therapy with Justine to help me assert myself, address my confidence issues and achieve my goals. Therapy has made me accountable and Justine has helped me find the strategies I needed to make progress. I appreciate her kind and soft nature, she can also challenge you when you need it which I found very helpful.

Although I have had helpful experiences with therapy in the past, seeing a therapist who specialises in recovery from narcissistic abuse has been life-changing for me. It can be difficult to explain the topsy-turvy world of narcissistic abuse, and I have sensed that previous therapists have felt out of their depth. However, Justine made me feel relaxed from the beginning and talking to her about my past is effortless in a way I haven’t found with other therapists. This therapy has begun to shift my perceptions in ways I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago. She approaches problems with kindness and integrity, and gently holds me accountable when I need it. The therapy has allowed me to let go of some of the anger and shame I have felt since childhood and my self-esteem is finally beginning to grow. For the first time, I can say that I feel more positive about myself, the future and what I can achieve.